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Odengatan "Classic" / Black

Odengatan "Classic" / Black

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Ultimate Comfort, Unmatched Quality shoe


Introducing KAS shoes: Swedish-designed, Portuguese-handmade using top-grade materials, including premium Italian leather. Meticulously crafted by skilled, multi-generational shoemakers, they guarantee comfort, durability, and style. Whether it's a special event or all-day wear, KAS shoes excel. Their modern, versatile design complements any outfit, making them suitable for any occasion. Owning a pair means possessing a product synonymous with quality, comfort, and enduring style, destined to be a wardrobe staple for years.


  • Crafted in Portugal and handmade with Italian premium chrome tanned leather. A sense of quality that lasts for many seasons to come.

  • Lightweight and breathable The shoe offers you comfort and style wherever you go, this sneaker is ready for anything.
  • The sole is made from TPU, a much softer rubber than traditional materials like EVA or PVC, giving you added comfort and flexibility without compromising durability and comfort.
  • Orange details all thure the shoe, to stand out from the crowd.

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